Meanings Behind Indian Jewelry

meaning behind indian jewelry

India is a country where traditions are so deep-rooted. We have a history of culture and following certain practices religiously. More than often these practices and traditions have a meaning and science behind it. So many of us are following it but don’t really know the reasons for doing it. We will walk you through


Gudi Padwa – The Maharashtrian New Year

Gudi Padwa

Every state in India has its own local new year be it Onam , Be it pongal or Gudi Padwa  for that matter. Maharashtra celebrates Gudi It’s the new year for the marathi community.Its celebrated with much gusto and is awaited all year long. One can see the houses decorated with torans of mango leaves,


Tips To Take Care of Jewelry During Holi

Jewelry Care Tips in Holi

The season of colors is almost there. We can see it all around us. The shops are getting ready to display their colors and gulals. There is an air of festivity all around. Kids are getting excited and women are buying whites especially for Holi. Families are looking forward to eating gujiyas and doing their


Womens’ Day Celebration By Ornate Jewels

What’s Happening On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Shelly luthara ,founder, an online fashion jewellery brand wows women by launching an exclusive range of jewellery specially designed for the modern and independent woman of today. The collection targets women with a range of lightweight and trendy jewellery that can be used as daily

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Women’s Day Special

Womens'day Special

We women don’t really need a special day to acknowledge our being but there are special days that are celebrated to mark the importance of something special. Women’s day is celebrated internationally as a special day to mark the joyous creation of god that is Women. It marks the progress and empowerment that women have