Better Earring Wardrobe Every Girl Should Have

Earring wardrobe

Yes, you are reading it right an earring wardrobe. A must have for any girl. Just like Carry Bradshaw had her love of shoes in sex and the city and wanted a shoe room, she loved jewelry equally. An earring wardrobe is as essential as your clothing wardrobe. Earrings have these magical powers in them


Travel Safe With Your Jewelry

Travel Safe with your jewelry

“Please don’t take your diamond necklace or the expensive rings while travelling it will keep you stressed” Raj say’s to Rita. This is the common conversation at our homes while we are busy packing for our dream holiday. Thus many of us choose to keep our valuable jewelry at home or safe deposits while we


What Is Your Birthstone?


The choice of jewelry depends on a number of things: occasion, outfit, budget and very importantly, the personality, sense of style and liking of the wearer. But do you know, that another factor that you may consider while buying jewelry is your birthday? Not simply as an occasion on which to buy jewelry, but also


Health Benefits Of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry


Silver jewelry is worn mostly to adorn yourself with ornaments and look beautiful. On the other hand, we are familiar with gemstones as well as other minerals, which are actually found in improving the appearances of sterling silver jewelry, to obtain healing qualities. The healing qualities of those gemstones differ from one another. Surprisingly, wearing


Tree Of Life

Tree Of Life jewelry

Tree of life jewelry which is very popular and has great significance dates back to Biblical times. There are many beliefs behind this jewelry and each religion or race seems to have their own thought. Some say that when Celtic tribal settlers reached the Irish shores they needed land to make their houses so they