My Recent Haul From Ornate Jewels

My Recent Haul From Ornate Jewels min

Hey, All the accessories lovers out there…!!! I hope you are listening… Today’s post is for you… This is the latest haul of mine from an amazing collection of jewels – Ornate Jewels…!!! At our office, there are multiple stalls that can be setup. The best part is, we the employees, get best offers from


Why Buy Created Gemstone Jewelry?

Why Buy Created Gemstone Jewelry

Jewelry has the power to transform simple into stunning. An everyday outfit can look chic and stylish when paired with the right kind of jewelry. A pair of long chandelier earrings enhances the beauty of a traditional Indian attire be it a sari or a suit. A bold cocktail ring complements an elegant evening gown


Gold Plated Jewelry – Ornate Jewels

Gold Plated Jewelry

India is a major consumer of gold. We all know the love relationship that Indian women have with gold. Wearing gold is considered a status symbol in our society. No wedding is complete with women accessorizing their outfits with jewelry. Be it the birth of a child, or a wedding, a birthday or any festival


Top 24 Facts To Know About Silver Jewelry

Top 25 Facts To Know About Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry has always been an important metal in the history of mankind. Always in demand for its looks and affordability, it makes a great choice. Silver is used in medicines, Utensils, Ornaments, Showpieces, Décor, Furniture and now even integrated with apparel industry on a giant scale and its demand is growing day by day.